Due to the ongoing virus situation we have moved to online working
We can offer effective BWRT & Hypnotherapy treatments online via secure video platforms.
Our wish is to provide you with the therapy you need at this difficult time and to keep you safe.

BWRT in Salisbury - Brain Working Recursive Therapy

What if you could solve your problem without talking about all that stuff from the past?

With BrainWorking Recursive Therapy you can!

 If you can think about your problem in your own mind then there is a good chance you can resolve it with the help of BWRT®With Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) you can make changes rapidly to the way you want to feel instead of suffering in silence.

Anxiety, fears and phobias, self esteem and self worth, social phobia, personal confidence, exam or performance “nerves” are just a few of the everyday problems that can be alleviated with this unique 21st Century therapy.  The good news is that you can now get help with BWRT in Salisbury, Wiltshire.  JustLetGo therapies now provide a weekly therapy practice in the heart of the city, with good transport links and car parking.

What's so special about BWRT?

It's not like Hypnosis NLP, CBT, EFT, TFT or any other therapy

BWRT is a safe, effective and easy to follow therapy.  You will simply be asked to close your eyes to assist in concentrating on your memories and create other imagery as part of the process. 

Using his skills as a Certified Advanced (L2) BWRT practitioner  Alan guides you through a simple process allowing you to resolve your problems in the privacy of your own mind.  For most issues your “Private Stuff” can remain private, unlike many other therapies.

Woman with eyes closed during BWRT session

How Does BWRT Work?

Your brain is a truly amazing organ.  You probably already know that it is possible to change even long established thoughts and behaviours due to “Neuroplasticity” – The brain’s ability to re-organize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.  With traditional “talking” therapies this process can be slow, however Brain Working Recursive Therapy allows you to communicate directly with the part of your brain that is normally ahead of your conscious thinking.  It is this ability to rewire, changing those neural connections or pathways much more quickly that makes BWRT so effective.  

During the therapy process you access your memories in private and we also create other imagery.  We then “freeze” the troublesome thoughts and using a technique called “recursive looping” we re-condition the way the brain responds to the unwanted triggers.   The brain replaces the unwanted thought pattern in your unconscious brain with the way you want to feel instead. 

The entire process is surprisingly simple to understand and follow, and it’s why BWRT is so effective and fast acting!  BWRT allows you to break free of the old behaviours, beliefs and fears that have been holding you back and secure the life you really want! 

BWRT in Salisbury - Life in balance

Get your life back into balance.

Do you want to change your unwanted thought patterns, behaviours or emotions, or resolve your fears or phobias? 

Providing BWRT in Salisbury has revealed that many clients are astounded at not only how quickly the changes occur, but also how their overall outlook on life has changed as a result of the therapy.

Are you ready to take that first step to a new beginning?
You can now receive BWRT in Salisbury – so let’s get started!

Some common issues that BWRT can help with:

The above list shows some of the more common issues and problems that we see in the therapy room, however there are many more that respond well to BWRT.  If you suffer from a problem not listed above please call in confidence and find out if we can help.