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Teeth and Jaw clenching resolved in an hour!

Irene (not her real name) presented with a case of involuntary jaw clenching.  This happened only when sleeping and had become a chronic condition over several years.  It resulted in pain on awakening, a stiff jaw and the potential to cause permanent damage.  Her dentist suggested she needed to seek some help as it was probably due to stress or another factor that was triggering it at an unconscious level.

We had a short discussion where Irene explained how it affected her, both from a pain aspect and also that she felt that it was not allowing her to have a proper deep sleep pattern that is so important for good health.

Working without a memory

This was unusual from a BWRT perspective as normally the client would have memories of the event or issue they want to address, but of course because Irene was asleep when the teeth and jaw clenching happened then there was no clear memory to access.

I decided to work using a BWRT protocol that is specifically designed for use when there is no clear memories to work on.


Irene contacted me after two weeks and wrote:

“Hi Alan,

Just to let you know I haven’t clenched at all so hoping I won’t go back to it.  I’m still thinking about it a lot consciously but then that’s because I’m so used to the pain now, but every time I catch myself thinking about it I remember my happy places that we created and I switch the thoughts so I am gradually forgetting all about it.”

Thanks again for everything.

Note:  Quite often with BWRT it is usual for the client to still question consciously if the therapy has been effective until they realise that is has in fact solved their problem, however long standing it may have been.

For example I have seen clients forget that they had a phobia and do the activity that they avoided for years, then a few seconds later realise that they used to be afraid of it.  One client who had a fear of spiders picked one up in her house and took it outside and after several seconds realised that she was no longer afraid of them.  BWRT can also be very effective for the more common issue of Bruxism (grinding teeth).

Do you suffer from Bruxism? Have you tried any therapies or received any other help with the condition?  I am interested to hear your story, please comment below.

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